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Weight Calculator

Use the weight calculator below to determine the weight of various metal products. Simply choose your form and material, enter the measurements and view the result.

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Formulas for Mass Calculation

Product Mass (kg/m)
Round bar and wire = 0.00000079 x dens x D²
Hexagonal bar = 0.000000866 x dens x F²
Octagonal bar = 0.0000008284 x dens x F²
Hollow round – tube and pipe = 0.00000314 x dens x (D – t) x t
Square / Rectangular tube or hollow section = 0.000001 x dens x 2 x (S1 + S2 – 2 x t) x t
Hollow bar = 0.0000007854 x dens x (D² – d²)
Flat product = 0.000001 x dens x T x W
Angle bar = 0.000001 x dens x (L1 + L2 – t) x t)
D – Diameter or Outside Diameter (mm) d – Inside Diameter (mm)
S1 and S2 – side dimensions of square or rectangular hollows (mm)
t – Wall Thickness of tube or pipe (mm)
T – flat product Thickness (mm) W – flat product Width (mm)
F – Across Flats of a Hexagon or Octagon (mm)
L1 & L2 – Angle bar Leg lengths (mm) t – Angle bar leg thickness (mm)
Stainless Steel

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